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Car, bicyclist collide in Vallejo causing major injury

Timesheraldonline Mar 16: The unidentified woman was riding at approximately 5:47 in the afternoon on Curtola Parkway west of Sonoma Blvd. when she was struck by a 2005 GMC Envoy. (more…)

Solution at hand for downtown San Rafael SMART traffic concerns

Marinij Mar 16: But with federal funding for the extension work already committed, Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit officials told the city last four weeks work must move forward. (more…)

Trump directs EPA to shelve vehicle fuel economy goals

Pressdemocrat Mar 16: A Sonoma County natty air advocate and the area’s 2 congressmen criticized the president’s action. (more…)

Drinking Stories podcast: Cabernet Sauvignon 101

Pressdemocrat Mar 16: The “Drinking Stories” podcast continues its exploration of the different varietals around in Sonoma County with a discussion on cabernet sauvignon. (more…)

Chris Smith: Back in the saddle…gingerly

Pressdemocrat Mar 16: My 1st question to Amiée, an actress and the 2006 Miss Sonoma County: Also mentioned: Academy Awards (archive) (more…)

Meetings Slated to Update Well Owners on New Groundwater Agencies

Sonomacounty Ca Mar 16: The meetings will take place in Sonoma County’s 3 groundwater basins immediately affected by California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act : (more…)

California park lovers hope redwood license plates lead to fields of green

Pressdemocrat Mar 16: …that fragile network of fourty state park locations in Sonoma,…That’s why I put those things in the bill (illustration).” (more…)

El Cerrito police log: Masked trio fought off by pedestrian on BART path

Eastbaytimes Mar 16: Recovery: A 1995 GMC Sonoma pickup truck reported in Oakland was located at 10621 San Pablo Ave.Thirty mins. later a Honda Civic (archive) was entered through an not locked front passenger door and… (more…)

Petaluma’s Lagunitas Brewing Co. ranks as the ninth largest brewer in the US

Petaluma360 Mar 16: (JOHN BURGESS / Sonoma Magazine)… (more…)

Cult Cab Substitutes

Tastingroom Blogs.pressdemocrat Mar 15: Louis M. Martini, 2014 Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon, 13.8.% alcohol, $20. (more…)

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Enviromentalists are Concerned Congressional Hearing Could Hurt California’s Coastline

KSRO Mar 15: Local politicians and environmentalists are concerned that a Congressional hearing could impact the Sonoma County coastline. (more…)

Tell the Truth

Culture – Bohemian Mar 15: There’s a feeling, especially here in West Sonoma County, that events are hurdling towards some nice of climax, he says The world stage is more chaotic than usual, and people are questioning what is going on. (more…)

What interfaith means in the time of Trump

Bohemian Mar 15: These efforts come to Santa Rosa today, March fifteen as the Of One Soul campaign of the Interfaith Council of Sonoma County hosts an event with speakers of various faiths coming together on the steps of City Hall in Santa Rosa. (more…)

Everything but the Anarchists

Bohemian Mar 15: This is not your hipster-ale-quaffing rampart of the squishy North Bay, even if the city council here is a United Nations of multiculturalism compared to Sonoma County’s all-white board of supervisors. (more…)


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Youtube: 2013 Gerard Ange’ Productions. International Incorporated 2013 SONOMA COUNTY SPIRIT AWARD HONOREES The thirteenth Annual Spirit of Sonoma County Award luncheon honors those who…