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Gloria Steinem: Be an activist during this ‘time of danger’

Pressdemocrat Mar 7: She spoke to a packed property as part of the Sonoma County Women in Conversation series, a production of Sonoma Media Investments, which owns The Press Democrat. (more…)

Vallejo Admirals announce season schedule

Timesheraldonline Mar 7: The Sonoma Stompers, San Rafael Pacifics and Pittsburg Diamonds are the other 3 teams along with Vallejo. (more…)

Worst salmon season in eight years projected in California

Pressdemocrat Mar 7: But, already, the commercial fleet — still smarting from consecutive disruptions in both the salmon and Dungeness crab seasons — is anticipating drastic cuts in the salmon season, especially in waters north of Sonoma County. (more…)

Sonoma County open space planners launch broadest, most extensive planning effort ever

Pressdemocrat Mar 7: J.D. MORRISTHE PRESS DEMOCRAT | Mon Mar 6 at 18:11| Updated 23 mins. ago. (more…)

Sonoma State names new chief academic officer

Pressdemocrat Mar 7: Sonoma State University officials have hired a completely new chief academic officer. San Jose State University’s is in this article (archive) (more…)

Chris Smith: Losing a gallbladder, The Cannibal Club and an orange

Pressdemocrat Mar 7: …because buffet lunch and bull-fest of the Cannibal Club,……inch organ that receives bile (illustration) from the liver and… (more…)

Enrollment in CSU system to level out, no new campus warranted

Sonomastatestar Mar 7: Gustavo Flores, director of enrollment management at Sonoma State University, says those figures are similar at Sonoma State. (more…)

New probation policy clarifies path back to SSU

Long article from Sonomastatestar Mar 7: For years, students who were disqualified from Sonoma State University for poor academic performance have been in a fog about what they are required to do to be re-admitted.Disqualified students can also take part illustration: Deviant… (more…)

Men’s basketball team split final conference matchups before entering playoffs

Sonomastatestar Mar 7: But it was sixteen from senior center Nathan Molony-Benjamin and 9 from junior guard Ronnie Harris that gave Sonoma a boost, powering it to its fifteenth conference win. (illustration) (more…)

Sonoma County votes on Measure A, cannabis tax

Finance – Sonomastatestar Mar 7: It may come as a surprise to a lot of students, but there is an election in Sonoma County today. The election consists of one question: Should the county adopt a tax on cannabis-related businesses? (more…)

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Enviromentalists are Concerned Congressional Hearing Could Hurt California’s Coastline

KSRO Mar 15: Local politicians and environmentalists are concerned that a Congressional hearing could impact the Sonoma County coastline. (more…)

Tell the Truth

Culture – Bohemian Mar 15: There’s a feeling, especially here in West Sonoma County, that events are hurdling towards some nice of climax, he says The world stage is more chaotic than usual, and people are questioning what is going on. (more…)

What interfaith means in the time of Trump

Bohemian Mar 15: These efforts come to Santa Rosa today, March fifteen as the Of One Soul campaign of the Interfaith Council of Sonoma County hosts an event with speakers of various faiths coming together on the steps of City Hall in Santa Rosa. (more…)

Everything but the Anarchists

Bohemian Mar 15: This is not your hipster-ale-quaffing rampart of the squishy North Bay, even if the city council here is a United Nations of multiculturalism compared to Sonoma County’s all-white board of supervisors. (more…)


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Youtube: 2013 Gerard Ange’ Productions. International Incorporated 2013 SONOMA COUNTY SPIRIT AWARD HONOREES The thirteenth Annual Spirit of Sonoma County Award luncheon honors those who…